Hannay House

The Hannay House was acquired in 1998 through the generous support of the Andersen Foundation. The house is in remarkably good condition for its age, and it becomes an important addition to Bridgeport's Historic Village; it represents a solid and attractive style of home architecture called Greek Revival that was introduced to our community in the middle-1800s.

Originally built by William Gilverson at 4438 Williamson Road around 1853, the house was last occupied by Karen's Bed & Breakfast, run by Karen and Stewart Dix through most of the 1990s. Prior to that time, the John Hannay family owned the structure for several generations, as it was located near the south end of the street, adjacent to the well-known Hannay Dairy. Although it is no longer around, that business was operated by the longtime successful dairyman, John Hannay, whose ice cream was a local delight for Bridgeporters for many years.

The late Helen Knodel, a daughter of the late John Hannay, was a local and active member of our society for many years. Helen grew up in this house and greatly assisted the museum in obtaining some of the important artifacts from the former Hannay Dairy.

Following the Historical Society's acquisition of the house, it was moved 400 feet, and set on a new foundation in the Historical Village. The front porch of the house has been rebuilt along with some authentic new pillars, courtesy of our volunteer "Close Enough Construction Company".