District 6 Schoolhouse

Bridgeport's School District #6 was established in 1862. Charles Popp was the Chairman. George Ferchau and Michael Housner were Directors of the new School Board. Mrs. Abba Gibson taught about 30 students in George Ferchau's home until the school was built in 1867. Miss Lucie H. Adams was the first teacher in the new school building. Some call it the Popp School because the Popps helped organize the school and donated the lumber, while others call it the Leidline School because it was on John Leidline's property.

A basement was excavated below the Popp School in 1938. In 1953, the school was moved from 4705 South Washington Road to Brown Street, a.k.a. Bearcat Boulevard, across from the old Bridgeport Junior High, a.k.a. Schrah Elementary School, where Mrs. McNally used the school as a music classroom and it was nicknamed "Carnegie Hall."

In 1962, it was painted red, named "The Little Red Schoolhouse" and was used as a pioneer school museum. In 1970, the school was moved closer to the high school football field.
In 1987, the Bridgeport Spaulding Community Schools planned to demolish the old school because it was becoming dilapidated. The "Save the Little Red Schoolhouse Committee" was formed; they raised funds and moved the school house onto its present location in the new Bridgeport Historic Village in 1990. It was restored to its original color and we restored its Bell tower. It is often used to teach old fashion classes to modern school classes.